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Taste the Mediterranean

Taste the Mediterranean

A short walk away from St. George’s bay a mecca of food is waiting; a mix of specialty restaurants with a local and foreign influence resulting from a long relationship between the islanders and the many conquerors who occupied Malta over the centuries. The blend of spices and slow cooked food in broth and wine whilst cooking, fills the air with a scent of uplifting aromas that make the Maltese cuisine so special. In most authentic Maltese restaurants a set of local delicacies are served before the main meal, normally consisting of ‘Gbejna’ (Peppered cheeslets), marinated olives and sundried tomatoes with garlic served with a crusty sour bread loaf drizzled with olive oil accompanied by water biscuits, ‘Bigilla’ a spicy bean paste made from a type of dried bean called ‘ful tal-Ġirba’ and ‘Fażola Bajda bit-tewm u it-tursin’ which translates to cooked white beans in parsley, garlic and olive oil.

One can also find many eateries that specialise in local fare and in freshly caught fish and seafood and overwhelming choice of international gastronomy.
Some Traditional food worth mentioning is Stuffat Bragioli, a thin cut of steak wrapped around a mixture of ground meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, and herbs which are then simmered in wine or tomato sauce and severed with potatoes. One of the most sought after authentic meals is the typical ‘fenkata’ which would consist of two courses – the first dish would be a huge bowl of spaghetti tossed in a rabbit ragu, wine and herbs. The second dish would be the actual rabbit meat cooked in a similar sauce, served with peas and fries. ‘Lampuki’ (dolphin fish) Malta’s favourite fish is poached with rosemary and red wine or lightly pan-fried in olive oil and finished with garlic, lemon juice and marjoram, or you can also try it the ‘Lampuki’ fish pie with spinach or cauliflower, walnuts or chestnuts, capers, sultanas, hard-boiled eggs, herbs, and lemon zest, all enclosed in a short crust pastry. If you are looking for a meatless choice you can always go for Stuffat tal-Qargħa Ħamra (pumpkin stew) which consists of diced orange pumpkin flesh cooked with onions, garlic, sultanas and mint, usually served with rice, the tasty ‘Kapunata’ a summer dish of pan braised tomatoes, capers, aubergines and green peppers, often served as a side dish with fish or cold on its own as a savory summer lunch. A local’s favourite is Ħaxix Mimli which is stuffed baked vegetables filled with cabbage leaves, small marrows, artichokes, gourds, potatoes, onions, curly endive, tomatoes, aubergines and green bell peppers, ricotta, herbs and cheese with the possibility of fresh or canned fish like Lampuki or tuna and to breadcrumb based fillings with cheese, olives and capers and anchovy or garlic. 

Immerse yourself in Malta’s good climate, food and wine during your stay on one of the most sought after islands the Mediterranean